Hybrid Events 4-5-6

The discussion keeps ramping up on Hybrid Events! Is hybrid the next buzzword? Is it another “pivot”, or does it have real implications to your event planning? Last time we covered some basics of Hybrid 1-2-3  In today’s blog, we have some additional thoughts on what it means to take your event to a hybrid model, a sample virtual event that featured remote recordings from around the country (a lot better than Zoom), some takeaways from the incredible Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson from AVX Live!, and info on one of our Hybrid Platforms and our Virtual Fundraising platforms.

Hybrid Events Take 4 – The In-Person Side

Last time we spoke about the two audiences, so we wanted to provide a little more here. For the In-Person production, there are several key items. #1 – the internet. We need (2) hardlines with minimum upload and download speeds, which not every venue can provide that. #2 – cameras and lighting. There needs to be at least 1 camera, (more = more interesting) and there needs to be stage lighting. The camera usually needs more light than your eyes to process the information well. #3 – skilled team. You need people who know how to do this, and who are not learning on the job. Sending audio and video in synch back and forth online, while processing it in the room at the same time, can be challenging.

Hybrid Events Take 5 – The Online Audience

The online audience needs information to be broken into manageable chunks – think short sessions, as opposed to long sessions. And they need to feel like they are important and not an afterthought. The last year has proven not only that people are engaged online, but that they can learn and communicate online.  So take advantage of that. That is where multiple cameras, and interesting graphics can help in the main session. They need to be entertained more than just a talking head, or they may not stay. Also think about how they can communicate with your presenters and in-person audience. That seems like a tremendous opportunity.
Hybrid Events Take 6 – How to Use the Platforms

Each event and purpose is a little bit different. Can we just take the live feed from the in-person event and stream it? Absolutely. One direction, no problem – Youtube/Facebook for public events, and a branded website for private events. One thought though – no audience engagement, they are just watching a video. A great solution for many events, but not all.

What about sending the stream to Zoom or TeamsYes, excellent meeting platforms.  Just remember, lower resolution. The advantage is that people can communicate back if allowed, and their chats/questions can be acknowledged. With some magic and extra tech, we can even show that audience onscreen if appropriate.

How about HopinAnother great choice. Then we can get a much higher quality, and they can communicate with the other online people in a much more engaging way. Plus there is now an app for the in-person audience.

There are many things to consider, but working with your production team is usually the best start. Develop your concept, your key goals, and budgets, and then let’s get started!


As we continue to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See, we’ll be sharing insights and best practices for excelling in the virtual setting.