Considering a Hybrid Event?

While we still have a chill in the air and Winter has not ended yet, we sense Spring is coming, and our hopes are all rising with it! Last time we provided 6 Reasons Why Virtual Events Work from our Webinar for Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. In today’s piece, we have some thoughts on how to take your event to a hybrid model, some takeaways from AVX Live!, and info on our Virtual Conference and our Virtual Fundraising platforms.

Hybrid Events Take 1 – The Main Variables

A hybrid event has 2 main variables that need to be considered: 1. The presenters – live or remote. 2. The audience – live or remote. From that point you need to consider the biggest difference is in the interaction and communication going back and forth. Its not only the presenter that needs to communicate, the audience needs to be able to connect as well. Most events will become some blend of these two variables, so it helps to understand why it’s challenging. For a great article and description on this, see Craig Janssen’s blog.

Hybrid Events Take 2 – Two Audiences

A reminder that a hybrid event, a combination of an in-person audience and an online audience, has two different audiences. That gives you the ability to give them two different experiences or try and give them the same experience. Which makes sense for your event? Do you charge two different ticket prices, based on the value and experience delivered? Do you split the event up into a main keynote/general session/program that is streamed, but have interactive groups in-person? There are many ways to provide value above food and networking. Think audience experience.

Hybrid Events Take 3 – Cast a Wider Net

While your in-person audience will probably reach a very traditional customer base for you, why not open the door to the much bigger and accessible online community? New markets, new territories, new opportunities. The ballroom has a clearly stated capacity, that can not increased. The internet does not. As our guest on AVX Live! said: “cast a bigger net”. You could develop entirely new programs based on this online community – just as we have! And that wider net does not only mean audience, but presenters/speakers as well. You can go bigger or you can narrow your focus – your choice.

Want to learn more? Check out our recent webinar for the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation called The Power of Virtual Events with our platform partners Hospitality Resource Group and MackTeck Solutions.

As we continue to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See, we’ll be sharing insights and best practices for excelling in the virtual setting.