vMix Engineers

Video operators with their own license, hardlined reliable internet, high end graphics computer, and skill set. Our expectation is that you can build a show, not just switch a show. Local or remote, not important.

Zoom Engineers

Video operators with a full understanding of Zoom webinars, meetings, and breakout rooms. We are looking for experts.

Virtual Technical Directors

This is a client facing position that requires knowledge and skill directing both a technical staff and the client for success. Our VTD’s really need a good working knowledge of Zoom, vMix, and streaming in general, to go with the experience of what shot/video we need at the right time.

Video Editors

We are looking for experienced video editors to help assemble and edit our produced footage, and our clients submitted footage. Experience in Adobe Premiere and After Effects are a plus.

All positions have a focus on the client experience, strict timelines and deadlines, and require you to be a part of a team. We all succeed and fail – TOGETHER.

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