Hybrid Event Production

Virtual and In-Person Audience

Hybrid events offer unique advantages from keeping venue and catering costs down, to expanding your brand’s reach. Along with it come new challenges, and often complex AV technology systems to execute properly. It boils down to four key factors:


Remote Presenters

In today’s world, travel isn’t always a possibility for executives, keynotes, and anyone that might otherwise take the stage at your event. Our team can help decide how best to facilitate remote presenters and presentation materials, including preproduction calls to assess their capability and comfort levels, and can even add branded overlays and graphics to that in-room experience.

Remote Audiences

Your message can extend far beyond your venue. Our team can help you choose the right delivery method, and provide a range of services to execute simple Zoom webinars, high-end video broadcasts, and everything in between.

Live Presenters

This part is familiar. Your presenter is live and speaking to a roomful of people. The question is, are we adding a camera for them to look at, and how will people hear them and any questions from the audience.

Live Audiences

Again we are all used to this part, a room full of people – a live audience. However, how is the live audience participating? Are they just watching the stage, or are they asking questions somehow. Consider the interaction.