Hybrid Event Production

Virtual and In-Person Audience

You need to remember you have two live audiences, one online and one in-person. Corporate AV is one of the very few organizations that specialize in this service.  We are experts in both in-person and virtual events, and have all of the equipment and knowledge needed for the in-person audience to see and hear the presentations, as well as send their camera image / slides/ videos to the online audience.  Things to consider:

  • Timing of presentations – especially if trying to go between both in-person and online presenters
  • Preparation – if you have both online and in-person audiences, you need more testing time to ensure both sides can clearly see and hear each other
  • Equipment – The in-person audience needs to be able to see and hear the online presenters as a group, its no longer them at their laptop. To be heard – everyone needs to speak into a microphone.
  • Length of time of the event – the online audience has a shorter attention span.
  • Who is my main audience – Many times the online audience is significantly larger and more geographically spread out
  • Internet – we need a dedicated hardline connection, critical to success

When is a hybrid model a good fit? Any place that you can get value out of having people together for a shared experience.

  • Corporate Meeting – where execs cannot travel, but can still present and communicate
  • Conference – potential VIP audience in person, while content is focused online
  • Nonprofit Fundraiser – key sponsors or donors in person for VIP viewing (different level of support), larger audience online
  • Product Experience – Small crowd to demonstrate or experience the product, while large public audience watches online
  • Expo & Tradeshow – traditional in-person event looking to expand to larger audience online, domestically or internationally