Pirate University

Pirate University is the Corporate AV training program that was started in 2013. After years of searching for professional industry training for technical and customer services skills, President Joe Guilderson and Director of Operations & Production Jim Marlowe, created Pirate University. Our focus has evolved every year and really covers everything. From setting up pipe and drape properly to live streaming events, we’ve covered everything in between that involves: audio, video, lighting, staging, presentations, customer service, safety, load in/ load out, project management, specific software, and streaming services. Best of all, for 7 years, the training has been free to invited guests! Many of our graduates have been retained in full time positions at Corporate AV, as well as many other large organizations such as Facebook, Pfizer, and Marriott.

Classes Include:

  • Mixing for corporate, mixing for music, mixing for broadcast
  • Stage lighting and control
  • Video signal flow, LED, and projection
  • Live streaming, Zoom, vMix
  • Client experience and customer service
  • Project management and leadership
  • Focusing on safety during load in, setup, strike, and load out

Usually concludes with some words from key engineers or clients, to explain what’s really important onsite for a positive client experience!