Complete Event Production


Every event is unique, with its own set of visions, goals, requirements, and challenges. Corporate AV understands that. We specialize in providing planning, logistical and technical support, and expertise that will enable your team to produce events as smoothly as possible. Corporate AV works with you and for you to deliver Success You Hear and Results You See.


A Corporate AV representative will determine which level of service is appropriate for your particular event: whether it is consultative, collaborative with an existing AV company, or a complete Audiovisual production.


Representatives from Corporate AV visit your event site in order to create a floor plan and help you envision the look of your event.


Corporate AV experts meet with your team to develop the concept and goals for your event and discuss your budget.


The Corporate AV teams presents you with  equipment and staffing solutions that best match your budget and the specifics of your event space.


During the stressful weeks leading up to your event, Corporate AV specialists become part your team for production meetings, conference calls, and discussions with banquet managers, security staff, PR and marketing teams, entertainment, and other vendors and service providers.


It’s almost showtime. The Corporate AV team tests, packs, and delivers all audio visual equipment. Our team works with you to schedule and coordinate rehearsals and is prepared to make any last minute adjustments necessary to make your event a success.


The big day is here. Corporate AV team members operate audio, video, and lighting equipment. We maintain contact with you throughout the event with radios, headsets, and phones so that we can respond quickly as the situations arise.


Your event was a great success! We breakdown, pack, and remove all audio visual equipment. Corporate AV holds a debriefing with your team to review your event and suggest improvements to make the next one even more memorable.


You’ve heard the success; it’s time to see the results. Audio and video recordings of your event are ready for you to review and finalize. The Corporate AV team will help you edit and create  clips to use for marketing your next event!