On Site Technical Support

Having the proper equipment in place is just the first step. A successful event requires trained audiovisual technicians to operate the equipment to make it happen!

Corporate AV can provide temporary audiovisual technicians for a day, week, month, or year – whatever your needs demand. Our on site technical support can serve as a supplement to your in-house staff or act as your in-house staff when needed. Our staff is fully insured and we handle all employment records.

We offer technical staff skilled in the following positions:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Staging
  • Rigging
  • Networking
  • Webcasting
  • General Audiovisual
Due to our technical and logistical expertise, we are also hired by other production companies from around the world to represent them onsite. We work for Audio Companies, Video Producers, Lighting Companies, Silent Auction Bidding Companies, Designers, Florists, and Caterers. We enjoy our work, and look forward to representing you onsite!


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