Audiovisual Production

Hospitals and Healthcare

The expertise that Corporate AV has developed in the corporate meeting world has translated very well to our clients in the hospital and healthcare fields. The combination of attention to detail, critical communication needs, and the strict budgetary requirements have made Corporate AV a natural fit for the hospital and healthcare industries. We work in a variety of roles for our clients, as lead technical people for PR and Development, as liasons between departments and outside organizations, and as the creative minds to help develop new ways to keep the hospital up to date and on the cutting edge in their communications and events.

Corporate AV’s Services for the Hospital and Healthcare Industry:

  • Audiovisual Production for Board, Trustee, and Fundraising Dinners, Silent and Live Auctions, Outdoor Walks, and Wine Tastings. Our team will provide all of the sound, video, lighting, and staging equipment required for your event.
  • Video Production to create a digital story for Education, Fundraising, Tributes, Gala Honorees, and Corporate Sponsors. These can be shown at events, distributed via mail, or hosted on your website.
  • Technical Support for your live events team. We work on floor plans, logistics, union coordination, and provide all of the technical staffing for your events and installations. We will work with all departments and personnel that have a vested interest in the success of the program.
  • System Design & Installation for your internal communication needs. We install sound, video, lighting and communication equipment for lobbies, board rooms, auditoriums, and conference centers.

We understand the high pressure and urgent needs of the constantly changing hospital and healthcare market, and we know how critical a role communication plays. Corporate AV is your partner for both internal and external events and installations.